Live Sound Stage Generator

Model no:  LSG-001(no amp) / LS-003(with amp)
C$980 Untitled Document [US$ 784] / C$1380 [US$ 1104]

SPA-001   SPA-001


Live Sound stage generator for real live-like music performance

This unit is is use to recover / regenerate the real live performance sound stage in your listening room, no matter where you sit or stand, the vocal can still coming from the center between two speakers , all those other musical instruments will still in their original position . The end result sound stage will become very wide and deep which conventional system can never compare with.

This unit is designed with analogue computing technology , fully analog signal processing without any trace of digital processing noise and harshness, pure analog sound with great sweetness, naturalness and smoothness you ever dream of from a signal processor. With this superiod signal processing capability, the vocals which originally deliver to the L and R channel will be taken out and deliver to the EFFECT channel , you can hook up almost any speaker to reproduce the vocal from that EFFECT channel and place it in between the L and R speakers, with this setup, no matter you stand / sit , even out of one side of the L / R speaker, you can still hear the vocal sound from the center of the sound stage, and surrounding by all the other musical instruments suppose where they should be, this is true nake-eye 3D holographic sound effect technology.

This unit designed with two control knob only, one for the effect level and one for the effect output , to bypass this unit , simply turn down the effect level to minimum , and the original two channel effect will be recovered, this is for easy fine-tunning and effect comparison purpose. The effect output is to control how loud the vocal channel in order to match the efficiency of the L and R speakers.

For the convenience of different users, we designed this model without amplifier (LSG-001) and with 50W hi quality amplifier (LSG-003) for your choice.

For the LSG-001 model , you will need to add a mono amplifier and a single speaker to complete this system

For the LSG-003 model, you will just need to add a single speaker to make the system complete

(More detail information please visit our showroom for demo and experience this NEW AGE design)


Inputs : one set of RCA L and R

Ouputs : one set of RCA L , R and EFFECT + one set of speaker output (LSG-003 only)

Controls: one EFFECT level control + one EFFECT output control


Warranty : 1 year parts and labor


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