Super Linear Power Supply




LSRP-12V5V-6A 12V + 5V 6A super quiet hi-end audiophile grade

Single regulated analog high current linear power supply

Typ. re-seller on-sale price C$2,500 and up Untitled Document [US$ 2000]

Our no-frill out-of-the-factory price C$1,280 only !! [US$ 1024]


This is a super high quality linear dual output regulated power supply with individual isolated 12V + 5V each 6A max. output capabilities

Power supply compose more than 50% of regular audiophile circuits, and all the voltage and current required for amplification and circuit operation are drawn from power supply. So the quality of the power supply has a major effect on the sonic perfromance.

This is a power supply build with the best sound topology, such as all linear analog organic design, no digital switching circuits. Using our own designed circuit, can give very solid and punchy bass performance and have tube like sounding at the same time, which can give rich and deep solid bass with texture and density, as well as airy open musical sound at the same time. This special topology works for either analog or digital gears and give unbelievable boost in performance right away..

The dual isolated output of 12V (for music server or major device) +5V (for aux power requirements) can hear way longer decay of every music note as well as regeneration of the original ambient effect in the recording.

Use this super power supply to upgrade any of your gears which are using 12V and 5V DC from 1A to max. 6A possible (such as music server, headphone amp, phono-amps, network swtich, hub.....etc) , immediate boost in sonic performance by 30-50% with single regulated IC power supply, even 100% or more is possible when compared with switch power supply.

Standard output is heavy duty all metal DC socket with 2.1mm center post. Center is +ve. Optional 2.5mm center or any style of output socket possible upon request, Dual or even more output socket possible for someone who want to drive more than one unit of gear, additional cost might apply.

High grade 0.5m or 1m OFC Universal 2.1-2.5mm DC cable included.

Top plate can choose clear plexiglass or solid aluminum as an option.


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