Magnetic Resonance Purifier MRP-1000

C$10,,800 Untitled Document [US$ 8640]


This is a device can greatly enhance the human hearing capabilities, as well as other body functions. By purify our blood circulation system with a very special designed and controlled magnetic field .

There are medical researches indicate a precisly calibrated strong magnetic field can be a powerful tool to dis-integrate / inhibit the growth of those bacteria, fungus and virus inside our body, and have no harmful effect to normal cells of our own. In the natural healing industry already have this type of machine available for treatment of various illness , but the cost of those machine is at least one million US dollar per unit , which seems impossible to be reached by common peoples.

Fortunately with our special connections and in-depth R&D efforts , we finally discover the top most secret equation on how to preciously replicate those expensive machines in a much smaller size, and can build them with a much more reasonable and realistic cost (around 1/300 only !! ) , and this is where this model originated from.

By dis-integrated those harmful substances in our body through the purifing of our blood circulation system, as well as enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels. You can experience an immediate boost in your hearing capabilities, much more 3D holographic sound stage, more natural tonal quality with touchy emotion. You can hear the body of the violin and guitar with more resonace or more "WOOD" , the bass will be more solid , and sound like extended one octave lower. You can hear the decay of the piano note to the last drop. The echo of the recording room is so clear that you can even sense the actual size of the room. The beats are more obvious and musical. One had to experience it themself in order to fully understand the enhancement, it is just GREAT !! At the same time, the eye sight also seems enhanced , those small letters in distances seems more clear and readable, this is part of observeable effect of the purified circulation system, suppose transform a normal person into kind of super human with smaller degree.

Basic system comes with one controller and one purifier, the purifier is in a tube form which can slip into your forearm. By turn on the unit , you will experience a wind flow of magnetic field through your forearm, then later on become warm feeling due to enhanced circulation and the running of the purifier. You can use it during listening or watching TV or reading books as long as you like. This model comes with 3 different modes of operation

1. Cleanse mode

2. Healing mode

3. Mix mode (1 + 2 at the same time)

Automatic timer can preset to 30min, 60min, 90 min and 120 min


Optional extra purifier tube cost C$980 ea , this model can take max. 2 purifier tubes.

Budget version available with 70-80% of the boost for C$8,800 [US$ 7104]



120V / 240V version available upon request

Power consumption 600W

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition

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