Ultimate Schumann Resonator
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SR-200 (C$899) Untitled Document [US$ 719]

Ultra precise Pure Sinewave Schumann resonator

Introducing our SCHUMANN RESONATOR advanced design series, equipped with cutting-edge features such as variable frequency and variable output power, alongside a crystal locked super high precision frequency readout. Through extensive research, our device has been found to effectively suppress, shield, and cancel the adverse effects of RF/EMF interferences generated by commonplace technologies such as GPS, cellphones, TV, and wireless routers.

Once these interferences have been effectively neutralized, the brain is able to function in a more optimal manner, enabling a heightened perception of sound, improved soundstage, and an expanded frequency range. Remarkably, this can be achieved without the need to alter the acoustic environment or sound system configuration.

Our SCHUMANN RESONATOR not only enhances auditory experiences, but also holds potential for boosting the immune system and promoting self-healing. Its benefits are evident in a range of areas such as enhanced body conditions leading to better sleep, improved nerve function, and increased blood circulation. We have meticulously researched a comprehensive list of resonance frequencies that enhance various aspects of bodily function.

The superiority of our product is clear, as no other manufacturer in the industry can match the level of features, signal quality, and performance offered by our SCHUMANN RESONATOR. In fact, competitors may even offer products with negative side effects, at prices significantly higher than our own.

Our latest model features an enhanced dual processor with unparalleled frequency variability, ranging from 0.01Hz to 9999.99Hz with a 0.01Hz resolution and 0.01% THD. The frequency can be easily adjusted to suit individual perception, making this unit highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

This unit incorporates our most advanced digital synthesis sine wave generator technology, complete with an LCD read-out, to ensure super stable and accurate frequency output. Once set, the resonance frequency is locked without any noticeable drift for at least a century. The device boasts a super wide control bandwidth, with a table of frequencies provided in the manual to guide users in selecting the ideal frequency for their particular needs. These purposes may include sleeping aid, body regeneration, fast recovery from injuries, anti-depression, anti-sleepiness while driving, among others.

With an effective coverage area of 600-800 sq ft, this device is suitable for a variety of settings and environments. Our latest model is a superior offering, delivering unparalleled performance, accuracy, and versatility, making it the perfect solution for those seeking the ultimate listening experience, as well as promoting optimal physical and mental well-being.

We offer an optional 3A 12V linear regulated power supply upgrade, which provides even smoother analog sound when used in conjunction with any Schumann resonators. The upgrade is available for an additional cost of $480.

100-120V AC input (optional 120 / 240V AC with selector switch + $50)

Customer feedback:

From Sean:

I already have a very high end resolving system and honestly at this point I’m looking for tweaks to give me that last 2-3% performance enhancement. With the Schumann Resonator it was closer to 10%. Hard to explain. Everything sounds more natural. Enhances timbre and extends the decay. Soundstage has become more holographic in that I’m hearing elements of the music from either side and in some cases behind me. It’s truly remarkable. I will add though you need a good baseline to start with, so if you have a solid rig the resonator will scale with it. Bought the upgraded LPS to compliment the SR-2000.

From Harvey:

Al, I would say the resonator improves the most important elements of the sound; sound stage, the highs are very extended, the sound is holistic and the bass is tighter.
Over all the sound improvement is almost 50% for me.
Hard to believe really

From Peter:

I tried it while listening through my main system last night . I used 7.83Hz with 80% power, and heard a subtle but definite improvement in the sound produced. I didn't notice any change in tonal balance, but the sound-stage opened up, while images within the stage became more holographic. That's awesome! The whole listening experience was very enjoyable; the SR-200 is definitely a worthwhile investment!

From Petul :

The resonator is multifunctional by selecting different frequency. He lets you return products UpTo 15 days after delivery. I found Albert as a dependable and professional manufacturer and seller on CAM.

As I am very happy with the product and experience, I will not hesitate to buy from him again if need arises.

From Skydigger :

I purchased the Schumann Resonator mostly out of curiosity. I have a whole host of sleep related problems and thought I would take a chance. Although it hasn’t solved all my problems, I am able to sleep an extra hour or more each night and for that I am grateful.

In my listening room it has a definite impact on the soundstage as advertised. Placement is important, so try different locations in your room for best effect.


supply voltage

AC 90 - 240V 50-60Hz with 12V universal adatper included

frequency stability

+/- 0.0005% for all models

Waveform generated

Quartz locked super high precision digital synthesised pure sine wave

output level 0% to 100% continuous variable

THD = 0.01% pure sinewave

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition

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