SPA-001-Mk2 Real-Time FFT Specturm Analyser display

SPA-001 SPA-001

Very nice clear plexiglass display with 10Hz - 24Khz real time FFT spectrum display

Total 16 different bands (1.5 Khz per band) , auto range and auto dynamics

Input level control for signal from 0 to 100Vrms possible (with proper input VR setting on circuit board)

Built-in wide dynamics and wide bandwidth microphone for real-time live sound analysis

Suitable for presentation, room acoustic and speaker testing , DIY modules ....etc

Also good for user with hearing problem, just tell from the action of the display and knowing something is going on in the room.

Input : RCA for external signal or internal mic (switchable by toggle switch)

Power input : DC 8-15V (12V DC adapter included)

Option : Black smoke plexiglass front ( same price)


Direct order price : C$200 Untitled Document [US$ 160 only!]

(completely assembled include plexiglass housing)

for DIYer : C$150 [US$ 120 only!]

(completely assembled and tested CPU board + Display board only )





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