Solid-Wood + Solid-Steel adjustable leveling Hi-end Stands

for speakers, turntables, amplifiers...etc




This is a stand designed for hi-end audio , for natural sound but rigid support of either speakers, turntables and amplifiers. Solid-wood design to get most ORGANIC sonic character of natural, smooth and sweet . Made with solid steel stand to ensure endurance and rigidity. Adjustable height to ensure best leveling.

When use for speaker stands, this very special design can enhance the lowest bass extension and give even better punch, it works like adding a transmission line to the speaker without the need of any modification. Just put the speaker on top and you can get bass extension almost one octave lowered , and with tighter and punchier bass.

When use as amplifier or turntable stand, it gives out the most natural tone of solid-wood music instrument, provide good damping and insulation , it will reflect in the sonic character of smooth, transparent, open, live and natural.

Various dimension available : regular size 9in x 9in , 12in x 12in , 15in x 15in and 36in x 12in

Custom-order dimension possible upon request

Our out-of-the-factory price:

9" x 9" C$380 Untitled Document [US$ 304] per pair

12" x 12" C$480 [US$ 384] per pair

15" x 15" C$580 [US$ 464] per pair

36" x 12" C$280 [US$ 224] per unit

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