Tube Harmonics Generator
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THG-1000-2 THG-1000-2

Vacuum tube harmonics generation unit using non-digital pure analog computer technology

Presenting our model of a pure analog computing-designed harmonics generator, featuring RCA + XLR balanced input and output interfaces, coupled with a vacuum tube output stage. This unit excels in producing a substantial volume of even harmonics that emulate the natural harmonics typically generated by a vacuum tube, albeit considerably amplified.

The harmonic generator enriches audio output by introducing a tapestry of rich, vibrant, and dynamically contrasting soundscapes, infusing the sonic landscape with previously elusive musical nuances. This process involves the meticulous manipulation of two distinct frequency bands: the midrange and high bands. By delicately calibrating the ratio and amplitude of harmonics generated within these bands, coupled with precise adjustment of the calibrated "effect" output, aging or lackluster recordings can potentially reclaim their lost harmonic depth, rivaling the quality of contemporary recordings.

Optimal placement of this unit is between the signal source output and the pre-amplifier. Alternatively, when the power amplifier incorporates input gain control, integrating this generator between the pre-amp and power amp is feasible. Maintaining a lower gain on the power amplifier ensures an optimal input signal for this unit, which operates optimally with a standard line level of 1Vrms.

The unit's analog computing circuitry calculates even harmonics within two distinct frequency bands, blending them with the original signal while preserving its integrity, avoiding contamination. This pure analog computing design precludes digital conversion or processing, mitigating digital noise and quantization errors.

The augmentation of harmonics in the original signal resembles enhancing TV contrast, offering sharper imagery and more vibrant colors. However, excessive augmentation may yield an unnatural output. With meticulous calibration, an immensely satisfying audio output can be achieved.




Maximum input voltage 2Vrms (line input)

Frequency response 1Hz – 100Khz

Even harmonic generator 0 -100% variable

Distortion < 0.01% at 1Vrms output at 1Khz

S/N > 85db at max. output level

AC input 117V AC 50-60Hz single phase

Maximum output voltage 5Vrms

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition

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