Tracking Systems

Model no: LMS-001

Linear Motion Robotic Tracking System
C$4,880 Untitled Document [US$ 3904 only!]

(special new product promotion price, MSRP C$8880)
(price vary with different travel distance / loading weight)


Material of construction : high impact plexiglass , aluminum, metal and polycarbonate alloy

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

This is one of our AUDIO-ROBOT design , which integrated the advanced robotic and microprocess control into our hi-end audio products. Super mini size and yet very powerful and flexible with such a reasonable price tag . We are very sorry that this new advance product might just make other out-dated technology audio manufacturers feeling shameful.

You can mount any speakers or tweeters to this tracking system, to perform a super accurate forward / backward speaker adjustment without leaving your sweet spot of listening. This system reaches an incredible accuracy of 10000 steps with 0.001" resolution. It can even memorize the perfect position by pressing a button on the remote unit, then you can easily move the setup to the programmed position again automatically.

The basic model have a travel distance of approx. 10" , and it is divided into 10000 steps, which means each step can be as fine as 0.001" movement. Any longer in length can be achieved with special ordering, the steps will still be the same of 10000, so if 24" travelling distance is needed , then the resolution will become 0.0024" per step.

The basic model can handle max. speaker weight of 5kg, upon special request, any speaker weight is possible up to a max. of 200kg

By running multiple system together, a maximum of 10 sets of L + R axis can be controlled with just a single remote unit. It can also combine linear motion or angular motion system together and form a max. 10 degree of freedom robot.

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