Ultimate Body Cell Refresher UBC-100

direct out of our factory price C$2,380 Untitled Document [US$ 1904]

suggested retail / resell price C$4,500 or higher.


This is a device which can deeply cleanse the cell of your body and recharge them to their optimum state of operation.

As Nikola Tesla quoted, everything is just vibrations in this universe, we have certain understanding in vibrations, and we can manuipulate it properly to make it work on our body, and make our body to regain the perfection suppose it should be like magic..

By dis-integrated or removal of those toxic harmful substances in our cell using this device, one can experience revital in their daily life with youth alike energy. Greatly improve the mobility of someone who have joint inflammation problem as well.

Variable cleanse level of your choice controlled by the front level control. This unit is precisouly calibrated so that even set to maximum level will not hurt you, but will just make those with lower tolorate level release the transducers from their hands.

Very low power consumption of just 8W norminal with powerful cleanser effect.

Once your body was cleansed, you can hear much better than when loaded with toxins. Improved mood and sense of preception ready for a fully musical enjoyment.

Simply hold the two copper bar in your hands, gradually increase the output level to your withstanding level, hold it there and wait for awhile, you will then feel that you can increase the intensity a bit further, eventually most of the user will be able to reach the max. level for optimal cleanse. For certain user with lower tolorence can just use within your comfortable output level.

According to recent actual user review, after use for just one session (15-20min in max. level), the winkles around the eye decrease observably, muscle energy increased and make you feel a lighter body when walking, muscle become tighter and stronger with energy.

(Warnings :This device can generate a certain level of electric energy, for those who have underlying heart conditions or any installed electronic device inside the body, we do not recommend you to use this product !! Use at your own risk !!)





12VDC 1A external power supply included

Power consumption less than 10W max.

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition

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Save the earth and save yourself, be a vegetarian and keep enjoying music for a long long time !!