Balanced Transformers

Model no:   ABT-101-Mk2
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RCA to Bal   conversion active transformer 

This active balance conversion transformer can give your system better clarity, transparency and more liquid sound quality. There will be greater tension in the mid to low frequency range, with sweeter and smoother mids and highs. Input impedance is 100Kohm and output impedance is 600 ohm balanced. Since there is an active transistor driving circuit for the balanced transformer, there is no attenuation in the signal level, gain = x1. The transformers use in this unit are very high grade audiophile standard balance transformers.

This unit can be inserted into any tube or solid state equipment's output stage to boost the whole systems performance. Excellent result achieved when use in CD , D/A analog out or pre-amp outputs. This can make an all solid-state system sound like a tube system but without any tubes.

A loading enable selector switch at the back for optimum load matching, which can give the most smooth and natural response.

An internal transfer function jumper is also featured, which can be changed by the user to get optimum performance.

No. of input 1 set of RCA inputs(input impedance 100Kohm)
No. of output/input 1 set of RCA output and 1 set of XLR balanced output

(output impedance 600ohm)

Freq response 10Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
manufacturing hand-wired point to point
Gain X1

1 year free parts and labor warranty
standard chassis : Aluminum or metal chassis as shown in picture


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