Balanced Transformers

Model no:   BAL-TX101
C$980 Untitled Document [US$ 784]

RCA input Passive -Preamp with XLR balanced and RCA output 10K:10Kct

This passive pre-amplifier with balanced output transformer can give your system better clarity, transparency and a more liquid sound. There will be greater tension in the mid to low frequency range with sweeter and smoother mids and highs. There are no active components in this pre-amp which makes it very suitable to work with high power (or high gain) power amplifiers.

This unit can be used in the CD output, DA output and even active pre-amp output to add a touch of the "Sound of transformer "

The direct switch in the front panel is utilized to disable the volume control and make this become a purely RCA to XLR conversion transformer.

There is another special feature about this passive-pre, it is the XLR balanced output wiring, the transformers we use have single-end inputs and have both balanced output and single-ended output, which makes RCA to XLR conversion possible, now you can connect a single-ended output (RCA output) to this unit, then drive your XLR balanced input power amplifier or pre-amplifier in order to take the balanced amplification advantage.


No. of input/output 1 set of RCA input  
No. of output/input 1 set of RCA outputs and 1 set of XLR balanced outputs
Freq response 10Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
manufacturing hand-wire point to point


1 year free parts and labor warranty , 10 years free inspection guarantee
standard chassis : Metal chassis as shown in picture.

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