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Model no: CD-101
C$ 980 Untitled Document [US$ 784] (Ver. A)

C$1,080 [US$ 864] (Ver. B)

C$1,280 [US$ 1024] (Ver. C)

Hi-grade CD transport or player

This is a non-conventional CD transport that uses a computer CD-ROM as the basic drive unit. Using a CD-ROM provides very low jitter due to its internal cache and high speed processing capability. It can also be upgraded or serviced very easily by just remove the CD-ROM and replacing it with a new one. The sound quality of this CD transport is very transparent and airy with a very well defined image and sound stage. It can reproduce every harmonics in the music without difficulty. The power supply section uses a very high grade linear regulator instead of those switching mode regulator, just to achieve the highest sound quality. The D/A section is the one included with the CD-ROM, and is not recommended as a high-grade output but for monitoring purposes only. This unit is best used as a transport.

A full function remote control included

Different version avaiable :

(A) SPDIF digital output + RCA analog output C$980

(B) SPDIF / AESEBU digital output + RCA analog output C$1,080

(C) SPDIF / AESEBU digital output + RCA / XLR analog output C$1,280

No. of outputs

1 set of SPDIF coaxial digital outputs + 1 set of RCA analog outputs

option : AESEUB / analog XLR output

current available model


1 year warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic MDF , plexiglass

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak , aluminum)

Feedback from Mike (model : CD-002)

I first contacted SpaceTechLabs in regards to Shumann Resonater and ended up just being awestruck by all the products that they make. I contacted Al about the unit and he got back to me right away. I did not purchase that particular product but did enquire about one of their CD players and asked about the possibility of a demo unit  as I am on a budget. They did not have one available at the time but Al suggested an older unit that did not come with a remote. The price was right and I had him send it over .It arrived very well packed and secure.

I was blown away by the sound, detailed but not to analytical and crystal clear and full bodied. Needless to say my Audio Note cdt one is now for sale.

Even though I purchased an older used product the newer version with remote is still $400 less than the Audio Note was used.

Al is what makes this hobby interesting and fun I have emailed him numerous times since my purchase and he has always got back to me, answered my questions even an e mail I sent at 9 at night.  Considering most high end stores they won’t even talk to you when you walk in I find this type of serviceawsome. And to boot he makes a great product .

I am still going to try the Schuman device when I get a chance and his subsonic enhancer has me truly intrigued.

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