CD Players

Model no: CD-201
C$1,280 Untitled Document [US$ 1024] (Ver. A)

C$1,580 [US$ 1264] (Ver. B)

Hi-end CD transport or player

This is a non-conventional CD transport that uses a computer CD-ROM as the basic drive unit. Using a CD-ROM provides very low jitter due to its internal cache and high speed processing capability. It can also be upgraded or serviced very easily by just remove the CD-ROM and replacing it with a new one. The sound quality of this CD transport is very transparent and airy with a very well defined image and sound stage. It can reproduce every harmonics in the music without difficulty.

Output circuit using our special designed quad-core balanced output transformer, which comes with exceptional wide bandwidth and fast transient response, at the same time gives out smooth analog alike type of sound. Further enhancement can be done by just add our BUF-101, 102 and 103 for more 3D holographic sound stage.

Build-in DAC is 1X non-upsampling design (option A) / 24bit 192Khz non-upsampling (option B)

Chassis build with very strong super low resonance polymer material use in robotic engineering, integrated with aluminum and plexiglass for superb stable sonic reproduction.

Low jitter high precision SPDIF output to hook up our tube DAC for further upgrade.

A full function remote control included

Different versions avaiable :

(A) SPDIF digital output , XLR + RCA analog output (C$1,280)

(B) SPDIF digital output to external DAC and digital input from another CD/DVD/BR transport, 24bit/192Khz up-sampled, XLR + RCA analog output (C$1,580)


No. of outputs

1 set of SPDIF coaxial digital outputs + 1 set of OPT XLR + RCA analog outputs


built-in DAC resolution
16bit 44.1Khz (Option A) / 24bit 192Khz (Option B)
Output impedance
600ohm transformer coupled output


1 year warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : aluminum plexiglass hybrid



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