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Model no: DA-24/192-XT-Mk4 C$1,680 Untitled Document [US$ 1344]

DA-24/192-Delux-Mk4 C$1,980 [US$ 1584]




DA-24/192XT USB + SPDIF input with 24bit 192Khz input/output hi-end DAC , build with 6L6GT(option:KT66/KT77/KT88/KT99/KT100/KT120/6550/EL34/5881/6CA7) x 2 + 6X5GT rectifier tubes . This is one of the very musical and natural sound 24/192 DAC available nowadays.

This is a non up-sampling class DAC,which can take data from regular 16bit 44.1Khz to 24bit 192Khz resolution , combine the pure tube rectifer and big output tube section, easily convert the digital sound into analoge sound with high-end vinyl playback quality, even this second starting model of our tube DAC , it can effortlessly surpass the sonic performance of any small (6922, 12AX7...etc) / medium (6SL7, 6SN7...etc) size tube DAC and any solid-state DAC in the market .

USB input capability let you easily hook up your computer (MAC / PC compatible) and transform them into a music server.

Super enhanced power transformer for "Hanging-in-the-air" 3D imaging, and good enough to power up the power hungry KT120 output tubes.

Semi-hand-wired for tube section in order to achieve super high performance with such a bang-for-buck price tag, we strongly believe this unit can easily take down any other name brands DAC even over $10,000 range. The reason behind is simple, we understand music reproduction is not just spec or technology, it is an abstract form of art which require superior music senses of a musician, and design technique of an engineer, and we are able to do so.

DA-24/192-Delux version enhanced with fully hand-wired for all tube section, enhanced cabinet design with super low resonance chassis + enhanced power supply

Mullard NOS EL32(CV1052/VT52) upgrade add $250 -- further enhancement in openness, smoothness and silkiness as well as musicality < Lowest set of phots>

Max. input data rate is 24bit 192Khz for coaxial / optical input , 24 bit 192Khz for USB input

Dynamic range 120db

S/N > 85db

max. output level 2Vrms (RCA) 4Vrms (XLR)

Input : Coaxial (SPDIF) / Toslink (optical) + USB

Output : RCA + XLR balanced

Upgrade option : STR-104, STR-1001 , STR-1002 Super rectifier upgrade


Buyer feedback:

From Alan:

When I got home I immediately plugged in the DA-24/192xt  to my system. I am using my Resonessence Concero HD as a USB/spdif converter. I am using Audio Sensibility  copper testament interconnects between my dac to Simaudio Moon 340i Integrated amp. Atlas opus 75 ohm coaxial is used between the dac and usb/spdif converter.

The system has transformed alot in this upgrade.  Note decay is so natural and vocals have never sounded this good in my modest system. 

The dac has a musical emotional connection that I never had.  The soundstage has a realistic feel that gives you the sensation that feels "right" and not artificial. I'm seriously blown away in how the dac changes a song with emotional content that give you a feel for the music.

From : Chris

After a few weeks testing and hearing your DAC i wanna give a short feedback.

The DAC is absolutely awesome and sounds fantastic in my system – the best thing i've ever heard. Thank you very much for this.


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