Digital to Analog Converters

Model no: ROYAL-DAC-1

Retail store or reseller price C$5,000 and up
Our direct-out-of-the-factory price C$2,680 Untitled Document [US$ 2144]

DSD512 + PCM 32bit 768Khz USB tube DAC with MQA

RCA+XLR transformer coupled low impedance analog output

default tubes included: 6L6G x 2

(option:KT66/KT77/6550/EL34/5881/6CA7/6L6/6G6/6Y6/6K6/ well as EL32 / CV1052..... and all those compatible tubes)

USB input up to max. DSD512 or PCM 32/768 , coaxial or optical input max. 24/192 , MQA max. 384Khz

Convert regular of high resolution music file format by our music server to max. 32bit 786Khz resolution via the USB input.

Combined with the organic big output tube section, easily convert the digital sound into analoge alike high-end vinyl MC cartridge playback quality, but with even better micro and macro dynamics with super low noise floor.

This DAC work with a pair of audio power tubes with quard core balanced output transformers, easily surpass the sonic performance and musicality of any solid-state DAC in the market selling over $10K~15K, or any small / medium size tube DAC.

The USB input capability let you easily hook up your computer (MAC / PC / Linux compatible) or smartphone with supported USB audio interface, and transform them into a music server, which can play all ripped/downloaded regular CD or high resolution files. Of course mate with our enhanced music server can further boost the sonic performance over regular computer or cellphones.

S/PDIF coaxial digita and optical l input for regular CD/DVD player hook up.

3D point-to-point and component-to-component hand-wired for the tube section, in order to achieve super high performance with such a bang-for-buck price tag.

USB Input data rate :

16 bit , 20bit , 24 bit and 32 bit ( 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176K/192K/352K/384K/786K) in PCM format , and native DSD (64x), 128DSD, 256DSD and 512DSD in DSD format

S/PDIF coaxial and optical input data rate : 16-24bit / 44.1Khz - 192Khz PCM

Dynamic range >120db

S/N > 90db

max. output level 2Vrms (RCA) 4Vrms (XLR)

Input : USB + coaxial (SPDIF) + Toshlink

Output : 600 ohm transformer coupled RCA single-ended + XLR balanced

Chassis: solid-wood side panels with royal red alumimum body

Various chassis design possible upon request, price might vary

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