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Model no:   SP-2W2D-mini
C$2,480/pr Untitled Document [US$ 1984]

5.25" woofer + 1" dome tweeter two way bookshelf speaker system

This speaker system utilizes super high quality speaker drivers that have good frequency accuracy and phase coherence over the whole spectrum. Its precise and specially designed highly efficient crossover network, allows them to work well with amplifier outputs as low as 8.5W (e.g. 300B single-ended) . You will hear unbelievable low frequency regeneration from this small speaker even at low power inputs. Both drivers have a very high dynamic range . The tweeter is made with a pure silk wide dispersion, super light weight dome diaphragm. The voice coil has liquid magnet for cooling and damping. (The same design as the Dynaudio Esotec D-330 tweeter). These speakers are matched for +/-2db accuracy between left and right. The woofers are made with poly cones and super durable but soft rubber surrounds providing a very high dynamic range with no noticeable distortion.

In our opinion this speaker compares head to head with those selling in the market for US$3K-4K range

The Cabinets are made from 3/4" thick MDF to eliminate resonance even when driven to very high output levels.

Various type of finish and colors also available.


Input terminal Bi-wire / Bi-Amp input available
Power Amp rating 8W - 150Wrms
Freq response 45Hz - 22Khz (-3db) 
Efficiency 89db at 1Khz, 1m @ 1Wrms
Max. power input 150W musical 
Impedance 8 ohm
Dimension 12"H x 7"W x 9"D


Standard price for

(Matt black/Gloss Metallic Blue/Red/Gold/Silver/Brown/Black finish)

Add C$300 for gloss lacqor black finish

Add C$800 for black piano super high-gloss finish

Add C$900 for solid-oak high-gloss finish

(Photo shown Green Gloss Metallic finish)

1 year free labor warranty, drivers under normal operation conditions only


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