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Model no:   SP-4W8D
C$12,880/pr Untitled Document [US$ 10304]


8" woofer x 2 + 4 " mid range x 1 + 1" silk dome tweeter x 2 + 1" metal dome tweeter x 2 + 3/4" mylar dome super tweeter x 1

Four way floor stand super hi-end speaker system with open-buffle bi-polar design


This speaker system built with our multiple-drivers-blending technology, the design use rear fired ported cabinet with dual carbon fiber 8" die cast solid frame woofer, exceptionally good punch with low frequency extension in this relative slim box size, very quick bass response with rich and high density at the same time. Extremely easy to match with any tube, hybrid or solid-state amps.

Multiple tweeters array design provide ultra-low distortion over the full spectrum , super natural and realistic sound for vocal and musical instruments, as well as very open, deep and accurate sound stage.

Open buffle bi-polar design increase sensitivity and greatly enhance the openness and depth of the sound stage without lost of sharp focusing.

Mirror image design for flexible room acoustic fine-tunning, narrow panel width for easy fit into whatever size of room, and more easy to make the speaker sound invisible with less side reflection.

Ultra-linear impedance design, speaker impedance never drop below 8 ohm for the full frequency range of 20Hz - 20Khz , this design will give a very stable loading condition for even low power tube amps (such as 300B or 2A3 SET amps ) , and still reproduce well control and punchy bass as well as warm mid and open high. While efficiency can still achieve 90db/W/m level.

Bi-amp and Bi-wire multi-function connector for very flexible and easy connection to any systems.

Solid-oak elegant look front panel design with 1" thickness MDF body, provide easy color match for almost any living or listening room. Custom request of different color as options.

We have very high confidence towards the sonic performance of this speaker, and we believe it can easily pair or surpass those selling around $50K-$100K in the audio industry

Input terminal  Bi-wire gold plated heavy duty banana and fork multi-purpose connection
Power Amp rating  3W - 250Wrms
Freq response 25Hz - 22Khz
Efficiency  90db/W/m
Max. peak power handling  500W musical
Impedance  8 ohm or greater through out the whole frequency range
Dimension  10"W x 48"H x 14"D

1 year labor warranty, drivers under normal operation condition

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