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Model no: SP-ST3
C$1,580/pr Untitled Document [US$ 1264]

1" + 2" bullet tweeters  Hi-End Super tweeter module

This is an add-on super tweeter module for any existing speaker system It boasts very high efficiency ( 100db) and high frequency extension (up to 25Khz) . It can be simply put on top of any existing speaker system to impart an airy and silky feeling, as well as enhancing the body weight and naturalness of a metallic musical instrument. Variable output controls ensure 100% matching capability with your existing system. A built-in oil capacitor crossover network is offered for easy connection.

Various color available to match your existing speaker system.

Input terminals Banana jacks
Power Amp rating 1W - 600Wrms
Freq response 8KHz - 25Khz
Efficiency > 100db
Max. power input 600W musical
Impedance 8 ohm

1 year labor warranty, drivers under normal operation condition only


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