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Model no:   SP-ST4 / SP-ST4-Super
C$2,880/pr Untitled Document [US$ 3104] / C$3,880/pr [US$ 2464]


1" + 2" + 3" bullet tweeters  Hi-End Super tweeter module

This is an add-on super tweeter module for any existing speaker system It boasts very high efficiency (> 100db) and high frequency extension (up to 25Khz) . It can be simply put on top of any existing speaker system to impart an airy and silky feeling, as well as enhancing the body weight and naturalness of a metallic musical instrument. You can experience exceptional real ambient air, as well as real metallic texture of the metal strings in guitar and piano. Even though the metallic naturalness of all musical instruments will be restored, other components will not be degraded by this super tweeter, due to it totally separate module design. With this super tweeter, the dynamics and accuracy of the whole spectrum will be enhanced to a new level!

Variable output control ensures 100% matching capability with your existing system. A built-in oil capacitor crossover network is featured for easy connection.

Various colors available to match your existing speaker system.

Super enhanced version with double wiring and big oil capacitors $3,080


Input terminals Banana jacks
Power Amp rating 1W - 600Wrms
Freq response 8KHz - 25Khz  
Efficiency >100db 
Max. power input 600W musical 
Impedance 8 ohm



1 year labor warranty, drivers under normal operation conditions only


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