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Model no:   SPK-F400
C$2,880/pr Untitled Document [US$ 2304]

3.5"x2 + 5"x2 full-range floor stand speaker system

This speaker system utilizes high quality full-range speaker driver that have good frequency accuracy and phase coherence over the whole spectrum.

This speaker using 2 different kinds of carefully selected full range drivers, which can neutralize the frequency response and give out very flat natural and seamless tonal character over a very wide bandwidth

There is no crossover network in this speaker , so there is no crossover cut-off phase distortion around the cut-off frequency, and there is no phase shift of different frequency band due to crossover network phase lagging. The clarity and openness will be exceptionally high because there is no dynamic suppression due to crossover components.

The sonic character of this speaker is very good focus , good phase coherance and very natural tonal quality , especially the mid range is so smooth and natural which regular crossover speaker can never compare with . This speaker can work alone as a full range speaker, or side by side with a regular floor stand speaker as an auxillary speaker just to enhance the overall imaging, sound stage and texture.

The flexiblity of how to use this speaker in your system is un-believable high, it can give your system exceptional boost with such a bang-for-buck budget, and can convert your existing speaker system to even 5x-10x more worth of sound quaility.

Various type of finish and colors also available upon request. Price might vary


Input terminal Bi-ampable multi-purpose gold plated banana socket
Power Amp rating 1W - 200Wrms
Freq response 40Hz - 22Khz  
Efficiency 88db at 1Khz, 1m @ 1Wrms
Max. power input 500W musical 
Impedance 8 ohm
Dimension 49" H x6.5" W x 8" D



1 year free labor warranty, drivers under normal operation condition only


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