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Model no: VS-006 (Vintage driver series)  
Typical retailer on-sale price : C$9,200 or more

Our direct-out-of-factory price : C$4,680/pr Untitled Document [US$ 3744]


12" sub-woofer + 8" KEF woofer + 4" paper mid-range + 1 " silk dome tweeter + 1" Philips mylar dome tweeter

5 way floor standing bi-wire speaker system


This is our new "Vintage" series of speakers, most drivers use carefully choosen, retested and recertified quality vintage products (which are still made in USA , Japan or Europe back in those days), every model of this vintage series is one of a kind design limited edition, only one pair of the same design available in the whole world, have extremely high collective value compare with others fast food style produced products.

We specially design a well matched crossover for each model , even though we knew the cost will be very high if just design for one speaker , we are going to sell them with large scale produced low price tag. It sound exceptionally foolish but we just want to use our professional design capabilities to let those quality vintage drivers sound with their optimum performance, and deliver real music to the end user.

This model built with vintage KEF 8" woofer with long lasting rubber surround, well know to be smooth and sweet, 1" mylar doom Philips tweeter with warm and soft bodily high, 1" silk dome tweeter with silky high to super high range, 4" vintage Japan Sansui paper cone for realistic vocal and touching mid-range.

Sonic performance is very sweet, smooth and natural, rich syrup lo to mid-hi with extremely deep extended bass, upper section use special built black finish MDF enclosure to ensure good focusing and micro-dynamics, special calculated resonance chamber give exceptional touching rich harmonics in the mid range. Lower cabinet build with super thick and heavy duty bass reflex design, easily extend bass response down to 20Hz.

Separate cabinets design. Bi-wire high grade heavy duty gold plated multi-function banana connection post for both cabinets, short OFC speaker wire pair included to connect from upper section to lower box. This speaker set can easily par or surpass the performance of speaker selling around US$10K-20K in the industry.


Input terminal bi-amp and bi-wireable banana /fork multi-function gold plated terminations
Power Amp rating recommend 10Wrms- 250Wpeak
Freq response 20Hz - 22Khz
Efficiency 90db
Max. power input 250W musical power

4 ohm norminal

(8 ohm for upper section and 8 ohm for lower section if drive with bi-amps)


1 year free labor warranty


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