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Model no: SS-300-BAL
C$6,880 Untitled Document [US$ 5504]


300W x 2 pure solid-state power amplifierwith XLR + RCA inputs

This is one of our state-of-the-art pure solid-state power amplifiers that combines both the advantage of a transistor amp high current drive (tight bass and good speaker control) and simulated vacuum tube sound quality. With our special designed "SS4TUBE" circuit , we can reproduce tube like sound from pure solid-state design and still kept the output dynamics and power as well as clarity and details. This amplifier will be a perfect match for your power hungry speaker which need warmthness from tube amps , or just to drive the bass section of a tube or hybrid amp bi-amp / tri-amp system.

Dual mono design in one single chassis, each channel power up by individual power supply , in high power application , this is very important to eliminate channel crosstalk as well as clarity and stability.

Triple protection circuit built-in to ensure more stable and reliable operation without sacrify the tonal quality, equipped with over-temp, over-current and over-power protection.

Dual large panel meter with back lit for easy output power monitoring as well as vintage retro look.

Build-in RCA to XLR converter, either RCA or XLR input can get the same output power of 300W per channel into 8ohm.

Input level control at the back for easy match with any pre-amplifier, and easy match in bi-amp / tri-amp configuration..

If you were unaware of this amplifier construction, and you judged the sound quality by listening only, you would believe it is a high power tube power amplifier and not a solid-state amplifier.

Any other option is possible upon further discussion


No. of inputs 1 set of RCA inputs  ,1 set of  XLR balanced inputs
No. of outputs 1 set of speaker outputs
Freq response 1Hz - 100Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 95db
Gain  x20 (+26db) BAL input / x40 (+32db) RCA input
Phase non-inverted
Input impedance 100K (optional : 50K or 500K available)
Output power

300W per channel dynamic power into 8 ohm

600W per channel dynmaic power into 4 ohm

THD and TIM < 0.01% at 10W output


1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition
standard chassis : Aluminum

(optional chassis : any type, just ask, cost vary)


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