Phono Tube Pre-Amps

Model no: P-002 (include external power supply)

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P-002-1 P-002-1

P-002-1 P-002-1

MM/MC Phono pre-amplifier with variable MC gain and MC loading

This is a pure solid-state MC + MM phono stage design, an upgrade version of our P-001-Mk3. All components are meticulously selected and crafted in order to achieve the finest sound quality. This product offers superb resolution at a super bang-for-buck price.This phono stage provides both openness and a sweetness of character in a single unit. Offering a 40db MM gain and +30db (x30)MC gain (variable gain from 40db to 70db possible)

This newest design comes with a super quiet external power supply , which can let you achieve a super low noise performance even with a low output MC cartridge of 0.1-0.2mV range.

This unit can also take MM cartridge with our MC input, and boost the MM cartridges output level to be the same as the CD signal level.

This unit is built with gold plated copper circuit board to ensure best signal transmission and minimal lost , +/- 0.5db RIAA accuracy, very natural and smooth sound. Tonal quality and specification easily pair or surpass with those selling $2K-4K MC/MM solid-state phono stage in market.

The MM input is suitable for MM cartridge with 47Kohm impedance

The MC input is suitable for MC or MM cartridge between 100ohm - 47Kohm impedance

Military grade teflon insulation, heavily shielded silver signal wire as internal signal output wirings , for detail and transparency , as well as excellent micro-dynamics performance.


No. of inputs 1 set of MM + 1 set of MC inputs
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA outputs
Freq response RIAA +/- 0.5db  from 20Hz - 20Khz
S/N > 90db MM
Max. output volt 3Vrms
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing ultra heavy duty gold plated copper circuit board
variable MC gain / load

x1 - x30 (0db - 30db) for MC section (result of max. 70db gain)

MC loading impedance 100ohm - 47Kohm

default MC loading capacitance 150pF


1 year parts and labor warranty
standard chassis : silver aluminum chassis

(optional chassis : MDF, aluminum, solid-oak..etc)

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