Model no: PERFECT-POWER 1.0

Microprocessor controlled variable frequency and voltage AC line power generator

This is our new design for audiophiles who is looking for a PERFECT AC power supply for their turntable, DAC, phono amp, pre-amp.... and any gears within 30W of power requirements. This is an universal AC line voltage power generator named " Perfect Power 1.0" .

This power generator can let you set to either crystal locked frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, or you can vary the power frequency from 38Hz - 168Hz range, so that you can use turntable from any part of the world, output voltage can vary from 0 - 120VAC. The speciality of this power generator is its "Perfect" sinewave, if you ever test your AC outlet waveform, you will know it is not a very good looking sinewave but some distorted sinewave with lots of noise . Just Imagine your valuable turnable system or audio gears feed with such poorly constructed waveform, what level of demage to sound quality in return ?

This power generator use 128x over-sampling PCM digital-to-analog technique instead of switching power supply use in most of other manufacturers, just to generate a Perfect sinewave to power up your turnable or any small power consumption gears, so the most smooth tonal effect can be achieved, and due to the variable freq design, you can use 50Hz turntable in Canada/ USA without problems. By adding a 120/230V transformer, you can also power up a 50Hz 230V turnable shipped from England. If your turntable only have 33 rpm speed but you want to play 45 rpm vinyl, you can just simple set the output frequency of this unit to 81.0 Hz , which will convert the speed from 33rpm into 45rpm, or even 78rpm by set it to 140.4 Hz.

This unit have a very accurate and precise crystal locking system, by push either the 50Hz or 60Hz button, it will automatically track the output frequency and deadlock to either 50Hz / 60Hz of your choice with stability of +/- 0.0001%. You can also press the "unlock" button to release the locking and set your own desired frequency

Specifications of the module
No. of AC outlets 2 (optional : 4 to 8)
AC voltage output

0 - 120V rms

Output Frequency

38.0 - 168.0 Hz

Freq stability +/- 0.0001%
Max. O/P power 30W (optional : 50W / 70W / 100W)






1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

Unti price : C$1,280 for 30W version


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