Model no: SE-300B-70W / SE-300B-70W-BAL / SE-300B-70W-Super

70Wrms x 2 (140W mono) single-ended 300B power amplifier

This is our high power series of single-ended 300B power amplifier, which have totally the sweet and smooth airy sound of the small power version of the 300B amplifier, and at the same time process the big dynamic and high power driving capability. Now you don't need to use super high efficiency speaker to work with your 300B but free to use whatever speaker and still can fully utilize the super sweet character of this tubes.

This amp features the following mind-blowing characters:

1. 0db NFB in 300B section and all point-to-point hand wired with gold plated sockets

2. 300B is really for amplification of the music signal, not like some others just use 300B in the power supply section and claim to be a high power 300B amplifier

3. no output transformers , so maximum damping factor and most widest bandwidth can be achieved, the beautiful characters of the 300B is totally exposed, the bass control and richness is so good that exceeds any traditional 300B designs while the mid and high range sweetness and silkiness still holds.

4. Super low noise level, you will never hear such quiet background from a traditional design single-ended 300B design

5. No bias calibration , hum adjustment or any maintainence needed, the 300B tube works under a totally safe and long lasting operation conditions which can almost last forever.

6. Super low price per watt which you can get get from 300B tubes, typical 300B amp charge $500 per Watt , our design is only $38 per Watt for standard version

7. Free adaptor included to convert this 70Wx2 stereo amp into 140W mono block with XLR input (when purchase two sets)

1st set of photos show standard version which just go for C$2,680

2nd and 3rd set of photos show enhanced version with tube recitier for $3,880 + $250

4th set of photos show enhanced version with dual smartmon meter for $4,680

5th set of photos show SUPER version with enhanced double-up power driving capabities as well as balanced inputs and tube rectifier for $4,280 + $250

Any version add 5U4G tube rectifier and related circuits for C$250 only

Option: Solid-oak chassis with black top plate add $300

NEW super enhanced version available with SMART monitor display (can display as uV meter, scope and name plate) , XLR inputs, 6SN7 x 2, oil capacitors, upgraded power supply and internal components, speaker protection and start up delay circuits...etc, push every to limit just $4,680

SMART-Monitor can change between Nameplate (whatever you want it to dispaly, we can progam it for you), VU meter , CRO, MON , HYPNO and FFT mode, (details check SMART-MON) you can real time monitor the waveform and use this amp as a testing equipment toward your other gears like a dual screen oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer

No. of inputs 1 set of RCA inputs  
No. of outputs 1 set of speaker outputs ( 4-16 ohm)
Freq response 5Hz - 150Khz (-3db) (5Hz-100KHz for enhanced version)
S/N > 90db
Input sensitivity 1Vrms input give full power output of 70Wrms
Phase 180deg Inverted (non-inverted for enhanced version)
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube and power supply sections
Tubes used 2 x 300B (6SN7x2 + 300Bx2 for enhanced version)
Output power /ch 70Wrms x 2 (with RCA input)

140Wrms mono (with XLR input adaptor)

1 year parts and labor warranty, tubes 90 days under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic  MDF , Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak )