Testing Equipment

Dual voltage linear regulated variable power supply

DPS-100 C$980 Untitled Document [Today= US$ 784 only!]

DPS-200 C$1,780 [Today= US$ 1424 only!]

DPS-300 C$2,880 [Today= US$ 2304 only!]

DPS-500 C$4,680 [Today= US$ 3744 only!]

This is a high quality linear regulated power supply with dual output voltage , continuous variable from 3V to 35V with two channel, it can configure as dual positive voltage output or +/- voltage output.

Dual color digital readout for easy output voltage and loading current monitoring purpose.

This can be a general use testing equipment, or it can use to upgrade any existing power supply of solid-state pre-amplifiers or power amplifiers. Voltage output socket at the back for easy and presentable connection to the other device which need power . The pre-amp or power amp can immediately upgrade to external power supply version , with high quaility linear regulated sound . More open and 3D sound stage, as well as tighter and deeper bass extension.

Different voltage and power output, as well as different chassis material such as aluminum or solid-wood, custom order request possible , price might vary

100W / 200W / 300W and 500W of max. output power for different models

Chassis option: White plexiglass / solid-aluninum / solid-oak / MDF (price might vary)


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