Testing Equipment

Tube Burn-in System (emission test)
Model no: TBS-101


CAD$1580 Untitled Document [Today= US$ 1264 only!]



This is a very easy to use vacuum tube burn-in unit for audiophile , simple plug and play . Include 6 different types of audio tubes can be burn-in (only one tube at a time) , designed to run 7 days 24 hours continously industrial standard. You can choose whatever 6 different tubes and we will design the optimum burnt-in circuits for them .

Digital read-out emission current meter for monitoring, testing and tube matching purpose.

Internal signal generator simulate actual usage condition, ensure most natural tonal quality after burnt-in. Typical recommend 4-5 days break-in time per tube (100hrs). With this system, you don't need to hold up your audiophile gears for burn-in purpose with new tubes.

Standard model filament voltage 6.3V and max. burnt-in current 1.8A . Different voltage and current rating possible , additional cost might apply.


1 year free parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition



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