Tube Buffers

Model no: TEQ-100
C$2,080 Untitled Document [US$ 1664]


Transformer coupled output tube Equalizer (with RCA-balanced conversion)

Introducing our latest product, a 15-band vacuum tube equalizer featuring a balanced output stage with 4x Tamura output transformers. This exceptional device is designed to elevate the sound quality of any music streamer, pre-amp, or DAC, infusing it with a remarkably analog and organic sonic character.

By leveraging large-sized tubes and premium Tamura output transformers, the unit delivers an unparalleled sense of airiness and warmth that words fail to describe adequately. With its balanced output capability, seamless integration with any balanced inputs ensures enhanced dynamics and remarkably low noise performance.

Moreover, this unit can be seamlessly incorporated into the output of a conventional RCA output pre-amplifier, effectively transforming it into a fully balanced output device.

The incorporation of solid-oak elegant wood side panels further contributes to superior acoustic performance, resulting in a more realistic and organic listening experience.

Featuring an EQ enable/bypass switch, users can effortlessly choose between utilizing the equalization section or bypassing it entirely. In the bypass mode, the focus lies solely on the tubes and output transformers, enabling an unadulterated listening experience.

With its ability to accommodate the powerful pentode output tube KT150 and a self-biased configuration, no calibration is required, making it a plug-and-play solution.

Additionally, the buffer tubes come with 6L6GT, but users have the flexibility to opt for alternative options such as 6G6, 6K6, 6V6, 6Y6, 6F6, EL34, 6CA7, 5881, KT66, KT77, KT88, KT99, KT100, KT120, KT150, 6550, and all compatible variants.

The unit includes a 6X5 rectifier tube, which can be upgraded to 6X5G or STR-104, STR-1001, and STR-1002.

For an unparalleled listening experience, we have integrated a Micro-dynamic Extraction circuit, which significantly enhances both micro and macro dynamics, revealing even the subtlest nuances in the music that were previously inaudible.

Our New Age design combines super low noise with outstanding dynamics and crystal-like transparency, setting new standards for audio performance.

This unit is suitable for high-end audiophile listening and professional recording purposes, offering an unparalleled audio experience that will delight discerning listeners and industry professionals alike.


No. of inputs
1 set of RCA inputs
No. of outputs
1 set of RCA outputs + 1 set of balanced outputs
Freq response
20Hz -80Khz (-3db)
better than -90 db at full output
EQ section
15 bands, +/- 6db per band
hand-wired point to point
Tubes used
2 x 6L6G + 6x5 rectifier

(alternate: 6V6G/6G6G/6F6G/6K6G/EL34/6550/KT66/KT88/KT99/KT100éKT120éKT150/5881/6CA7)



1 year parts and labor warranty
standard chassis : Aluminum chassis with wood side panels.


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