Pre-Amps - ASP Series

Model no: ASP-10001-ES
C$6,880 Untitled Document [US$ 5504]

6SL7 x 2 + 6SN7 x 2 + 5U4G fully balanced pure tube ORGANIC pre-amplifier

with separate power supply + switchable choke + switchable ASP for subsonic compensation + micro-dynamics extraction design


Using the very common 6SL7 and 6SN7 signal tubes and 5U4G rectifier , built with enhanced separate power supply and our new micro-dynamics extraction circuit for lowest possible background noise performane.

Tube section built with point-to-point and component-to-component hand-wiring technique , with zero feedback to ensure maximum transparency and most natural tonal quality. Also equipped with switchable choke for further enhancement in musicality and smoothness when playing classical and opera type of music.

The included switchable (control with ASP/Bypass switch ) subsonic compensation circuit is one of the very special feature of this pre-amp. Which can compensate almost any speaker flat down to 15Hz. it can make a 8" woofer sound like a 15" woofer , a 12" woofer can sound like 30". So that the very low frequency section of real live performance can be re-generated correctly. Everyone who had listened to this pre-amp was shocked by the super real and musical effect of this design . Even though you spend $100K on the speaker system, you might still not getting close to this performance. This is a pure analog computing circuit without any digital processing involved, so there is no digital noise generated , and no degradation of the pure tube tonal quality, because the original input signal is not being altered by the ASP (analog signal processor) circuit, and 100% goes through pure tubes amplification (totally different from analog or DSP based equalizer circuit ) . The ASP only take samples from the input signal, then process it according to the user setting , and compensate those lost low frequency information to the original signal between 10Hz to 100Hz range. Which makes the original music not been touched and maintain highest purity and integrety.

Stand chassis built with all solid thick aluminum panels for best balance between cost, cosmetics, sound quality, durability and reliability. Super high headroom power transformer give exceptional reliability and stability as well as easiness of the sound with hanging in the air sound stage. You can almost touch every music notes with your hands.

With our newest micro-dynamics extraction circuit design, which can make tiny music information surface out effortlessly, you can hear every music notes with their longest possible natural decay, every attack and stroke of guitar and violin becomes so vivid, and the singer sings with most intimate emotions right in front of you. Along with the ASP subsonic compensation circuit. This pre-amp can declare as invincible and can surpass any other brands pre-amp with whatever price point.

For customer who need different chassis design, we can offer super thick all solid-aluminum chassis , all solid-oak chassis, or wood+AL chassis for your choices , additional cost may apply.

Our products are all designed by audio electronics engineer + computer engineer + qualified musician combo. Audio gear is for music re-production, if audio products are designed and built by someone who don't even know music, how can they make something sounds real and alive. Just like a cook without taste , or a painter without eye-sight , no matter how hard they try, this is just like shooting black bird in the dark.



No. of inputs 1 set of XLR input + 2 sets of AUX inputs
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA output, 2 sets of XLR outputs
Max. input level 2Vrms
Freq response 2Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
S/N > 90 db
Gain x5- x10 depend on tube types
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube section
Phase inverted.
Input impedance 100Kohm

Default tubes :

Input stage 6SL7 (alt : ECC32/ECC33/ECC35/6SN7 or equivalent)

Output stage 6SN7 (alt : ECC32/ECC33/ECC35/6SL7 or equivalent)

Rectifier 5U4G (alt:274B / 5AR4 / 5R4 / 53KU / GZ37 / STR-104 / STR-1001 / STR-1002...etc) with proper adapter can also use 80 / 83 / 8020 / 705A....etc


1 year free parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition, extend warranty possible with additional cost



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