Pre-Amps - prestige DHT Series


Model no: QA-DHT-845

A prestige designed pure tube pre-amplifier

Capable of reshaping the audiophile landscape at a fraction of the cost demanded by its counterparts!
C$8,800 Untitled Document [US$ 7040]


ORGANIC pure tube DHT 845 pre-amplifier with balanced output transformer

What comprises this prestigious design?

  • Incorporates two Tube 845, operating in pure Class A, with manual presettable bias featuring a monitor meter, single-ended, non-feedback organic design.
  • Crafted with meticulous hand-wiring, employing point-to-point and component-to-component connections to the highest standards.
  • Features an infra-red remote motorized volume control with mute function.
  • Equipped with quad-core 600ohm output impedance balanced output transformers for RCA + XLR connections, alongside a direct tube output for RCA connection.
  • Offers a moderate gain of +12db with 845 tubes and boasts exceptional tube rolling capability, accommodating 805, 805A, 211, 845, and all compatible variants.
  • Includes variable bias calibration knobs for each tube, accompanied by a monitor meter.
  • Delivers an extraordinary dynamic range, capable of outputting a maximum of 30Vrms or higher with direct tube output, and a maximum of 2Vrms RCA / 4Vrms XLR transformer-coupled output.
  • Adorned with elegant solid-oak side panels and housed within an all-aluminum chassis for optimal damping and natural tonality.
  • Features heavy-duty solid copper gold-plated RCA connectors.
  • Offers a nominal input impedance of 100Kohm (optional: 600ohm ~ 1Mohm possible).
  • Provides an output impedance of 1.2Kohm for direct tube output when utilizing the 845, and 600ohm for output transformer-coupled output
  • Incorporates three sets of selectable inputs for various signal sources.
  • Boasts an impressive bandwidth ranging from 1Hz to 100Khz (-3db) for direct tube output and 5Hz to 100Khz (-3db) for output transformer-coupled output.
  • Utilizes advanced robotics circuit design practices, ensuring superior stability and efficiency that astounds high-end audio aficionados.
  • Delivers an unparalleled, rich, and fluid 4D holographic soundstage with intimate, touching, musical, and soul-healing tonal quality.
  • We assert that this is the only tube preamplifier using 845 DHT and offering such flexibility and capability, capable of surpassing industry titans at a fraction of the cost.



- Whatever chassis design and made is possible with additional cost

- 1/4" + XLR headphone output +$300

- Dual VU meter for monitoring purpose +$300

- Selectable choke (enable / bypass) for power supply + $200





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