Pre-Amps - KDM Series

Model no: KDM-1

(Active / Passive Pre-amp, power amp, headphone amp, buffer or anything)


9-in-1 multifunction monitor with optional tube pre-amp / tube buffer / amplifier

This is our invention on fall of 2011 , one of a kind on earth. This unit integrated both high-end audio system and 8 professional monitor/test equipment in one single unit. Which can perform the following functions by just press a button.

1. VU meter - like an analog VU meter (L / R input selectable)

2. CRO - single trace oscilloscope with real time rms voltage read out (L / R input selectable)

3. MON - sweep trace mode to check abnormal variations in signals (L / R input selectable)

4. HYPO - circular pattern enlarge with signal strength (L / R input selectable)

5. FFT - spectrum analyser with FFT real-time processing (500Hz/2.5Khz/25Khz selectable)

6. INF - whatever name you want to put in this screen to personalize this equipment

7. DUAL - dual trace oscilloscope which can real time compare phase and voltage of L and R inputs

8. SIG - pure sine wave signal generator for testing purpose

9. Bar graph real-time spectrum analyser display (25Ksps)

Various button for gain , input channel , trigger channel and sampling speed selection

You can use this unit to perform diagnostics and fine tunning for your sound system as well as acoustic performance, without asking the help of professionals. Or you can help out others without bring in tons of gears to do the diagnostic and adjustments. This unit can also serve as the dual level control for L and R channel in order to balance out the gain variation in both channels, or use in bi-amp system just to attenuate the higher gain amplifier to appropriate level. The application is almost unlimited and the only limitation is your own imaginations.

Detail usage manual will be included to guide you through just in minutes.

We can integrate whatever hi-end audio gears into this unit

KDM-1 - Standard verison with passive pre-amp function $1,080

KDM-2 - Enhanced version with tube buffer by 6922 x 2 $1,380

KDM-3 - Enhanced version with headphone amplifier $1,380

KDM-4 - Enhanced version with tube pre-amplifier $1,580

KDM-5 - Enhanced version with stereo hybrid power amplifier (25Wrms / ch) $1,880

INPUT : one pair of RCA line level input + one pair of speaker level input (additional input available upon request with additional cost )

OUTPUT : one pair of RCA line level output + single line level sine wave output (additional input available upon request with additional cost)

AC POWER : 100-240V version available


1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/Silver/ Black/Metallic MDF + Aluminum face plate

(optional chassis : solid-oak )

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