Pre-Amps - Legend Series

Model no:   QA-300B-BAL-Mk2
C$6,880 Untitled Document [US$ 5504]


Line Stage Balanced Input and Output 300B Tube Pre-Amplifier

This is a balanced input and output state-of-the-art pre-amplifier using the infamous 300B tubes . This model use the most organic way of design and manufacturing, no NFB, no circuit board, all hand-wired component to components and point to point, tube rectifier and tube regulator, oil filtering capacitor and coupling capacitors, high grade ultra heavy-duty transformers . This unit is built with no compromise in component quality, very carefully fine tuned in both tonal balance and sound quality as well as air and soundstage. It boasts a superb sound stage and natural delivery. This is one of our best sounding pre-amplifier ever. The tension and punch in the bass section, the sweetness and liquidity in the midrange , silkiness and smoothness and openness in the high frequencies, all these superlative features will make you want to listen unceaselessly. This pre-amp is suitable for almost any type of music reproduction, it can outperform any other mass-market brand pre-amp within any price range.

The 5U4G tube rectifier can further upgrade by our super rectifier STR-104 or higher models , direct plug and play without any mod required.

With this super rectifier adaptor, you can use 300B, 2A3 , 45 , 50 , 80, 83, 1616 , 3B28 or 866A as rectifier tubes option.

Several more budget version available at lowered cost

1. RCA input and output version with 5U4G rectifier (5 tubes) C$3,880 [US$ 3104]

2. RCA input and output version with tube regulation (8 tubes) $4,880 [US$ 3904]

3. XLR+RCA input and output version with 5U4G rectifier (7 tubes) C$5,880 [US$ 4704]

(Tube regulation section compose of 5U4G + 6AS7G + 0C3 + 6267)

Free Level-1 SUPER-Drive upgrade for XLR in/out version , RCA in/out version add $200

Specifications (for full version)
No. of inputs 1 set of  XLR balanced  inputs, 2 set of RCA inputs
No. of outputs

2 set of RCA and one set of XLR balanced pre-amp outputs

(option : one set of RCA output can wire as record out )

Freq response 2Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 90 db
Input impedance 100Kohm (optional : 10K to 1Mohm)
Gain x5-x15 depend on gain of tubes
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point

6SL7 x 2 (alt: 6SN7/6SU7/ECC32/ECC33/ECC35 or eq)

6L6G x 2 (alt: 6V6/6K6/6Y6/6F6/6G6/EL34/6CA7/5881/6550/KT66/KT77/KT88/KT99/KT100)

+ 300B x 2 + 5U4G (alt: 5R4/5V4/53KU/274B/STR-101/STR-104/STR-1001/STR-1002) + 6AS7G (alt: 6080) + EF86 (alt: 6267) + 0D3(alt: 0C3)


1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic  MDF , Gold/Silver Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis :  Mirror steel, solid-oak )


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