Pre-Amps - Universal 100 Series

Model no: UPRE-100

C$2,480 Untitled Document [US$ 1984]

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Universal tubes line level fully balanced input and output pure tube pre-amplifier

This is our newly designed series of pure tube pre-amplifiers which integrate both small and medium size tubes together in one single unit. Small size tubes (12AX7/12AU7/12AT7) will give you tighter bass punch, medium size tubes (6SL7/6SN7/6SU7) will give you a more natural and opened sound stage and tonal balance. By marrying these two type of tubes together, you will get the best performance in every aspect, which small tube pre or medium tube pre can't compete with.

No. of inputs 1 set of RCA  inputs  
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA hi-freq outputs + 1 set of RCA lo-freq outputs + 1 set of RCA super hi- freq outputs + 1 set of RCA super-lo freq outputs
Freq response 1Hz - 100Khz (-3db)
S/N > 85 db
Max. output volt 10V rms
Gain Depending on the tubes x5 - x20
Phase inverted (option: non-inverted)
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube section
Tubes used 2 x 12AU7(12AX7/12AT7) + 2x6SN7(6SL7/6SU7) + 6X5GT
Input impedance 68Kohm (option: from 10Kohm to 1Mohm)

Level 1 upgrade : (C$200)

Output impedance lowered to 200ohm (can drive any input from 600ohm up to infinity) with better bass control and punch , better definition and improved in tonal quality

Level 2 upgrade : (+ C$500)

Level 1 upgrade + newly designed input circuitry for further lowering of distortion and increase dynamics as well as better air and openness . Enhanced components quality for better sonic reproductions with higher resoltuions.

Level 3 upgrade : (+ C$800)

Level 2 upgrade + Stronger filtering circuit as well as enhancement in components for further sonic enhancement with more 3D holographics soundstage.

Level 4 upgrade : (+ C$1200)

Level 3 upgrade + Enhanced transformer with 5U4G tube rectifier for better air , smoother and sweeter sound quality as well as improvement in sound stage

Level 5 upgrade : (+ C$2000)

Extreme newly designed circuit upgrade with super low S/N down to -95db, output impedance lowered to 100ohm, maximum input level increased to 10Vrms , further boosting of dynamics , no need for tube matching can also get most balanced L/R channel gain and sonic performance. Gain = x5 / x10 selectable. Enhanced components to improve resolution and details with even better tonal quality and air. With this level of upgrade, both specificiaton and sonic performance can easily surpass others pre-amp with almost any price range in market.

Additonal up-grade options:

solid-oak chassis add $150

0/180deg phase switch add $150

(Note: The price quoted is a special deal for newly order unit only, modification of existing unit price will be higher)

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic  MDF , Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak )

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