Pre-Amps - Virtual TUBE Series

Model no: VTP-100

Typical retail store on-sale price : C$6,000 or higher

Our direct out of the factory price C$2,980 Untitled Document [US$ 2384]

Budget version available for C$2,580 only


Virtual Tube pre-amplifier with balanced output transformer and remote volume

This pre-amplifier use a totally new concept in audio design, which implimented all well known BEST possible sounding practice in vacuum tube pre-amp design, and we migrate those techniques into this solid-state pre-amp, the result is very rich, musical and smooth but with very sharp imaging , dynamics and details at the same time, which isa totally new experience and never happen in pure solid-state pre-amp before. With this pre-amp, you can listen to any type of music without limitation and no down side at all, unlike other solid-state pre-amps, with this unit you can listen long hours straight without fatique, but still alive and vivid sound like a tube pre-amp.

This pre-amp can match your solid-state power amp and make your system sound much more tube like sweet and smooth but without the need of a tube pre-amp. This pre-amp can also match your tube power amp and make your system sound more vivid, dynamics with better imaging and focus.

The following is special features implimented in this New Generation design:

- We use all high quality high power MOSFET instead of regular bi-polar transistors, which is well known as the closest possible solid-state device as smooth and sweet sonic performance as tubes.

- Pure class A single-ended circuit design, there are only two amplification stages, just to make sure no contenmination and no compression of sound by solid-state devices.

- Organic non-feedback design, feedback is a loopback of signal which use in almost all solid-state amplification circuit, to bring down the gain and distortion to reason level, but the drawback is muddy up the sound stage and imaging, soundstage will be shallow and plain. With our non-feedback design, which ensure there is no phase distortion in high frequency range, and no compression in the depth, width and openness of the soundstage.

- 600ohm quad matched balanced output transformer as true XLR balanced output, which give very stable output driving capability in order to effectively drive any input impedance of next stage.

- Super high power and high speed dual mono servo linear voltage regulator design, ensure very low background noise with highly stable power supply capability to the circuit, which makes the sound so clear and clean no matter how complicate the music content.

- Standard verison comes with all solid alumium chassis, super thick 1" aluminum side panels, and IR + BT remote volume control . While we also provide budget version for someone who want to lower the cost


Budget version comes without remote volume control, and simple aluminum chassis

Regular infra-red remote control included with this unit. As a new product promotion, this unit will comes with bonus bluetooth remote control upgrade module for free. You can then use either the infra-red hand held mini remote, or use your Android phone as the volume control (please download the following Apps to your Android phone),

Space-Tech Lab. remote volume App for Android phone


No. of inputs 3 sets of RCA line level input,
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA output + 1 set of XLR output
Max. input level 50Vrms
Freq response 10Hz - 30Khz (-3db)
S/N > 85 db
Gain +16db
manufacturing dual mono linear high current power supply and dual mono amplification
Phase in-phase non-inverted zero-feedback design
Input impedance 100Kohm


1 year free parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

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