Tube pre-amp (Wonder Series)

Model no: WP-1
Direct-out-of-the-factory price C$780 Untitled Document [US$ 624]

Wonder pre-amplifier with non-feedback organic pure tube design

This is our starting model of WONDER PRE-AMP series, which process low cost, rich and high texture tube sound quality, all ORGANIC hand-wired non-feedback single-ended pure class A tube section, as well as super low noise new age design, easy to match with any existing power amplifiers for any type of music re-production purpose.

This pre-amplifier has a very flexible tube rolling capabilities, the tube section can use tons of different signal tubes like 6SL7, 6SN7, 6SU7, ECC32, ECC33, ECC35, 5961, 5962, CV181...etc. With optional 8 pin to 9 pin converter, can use 6DJ8, 6922, ECC88, ECC188, ECC288....etc.

Also come with dual line level input for two different signal source. Noise free volume pot design, smooth continous level control with clear transparent sound.

Delux high gloss solid-oak side panels for puriest and most natural sonic performance. Separate external power supply included.

The WONDER-Pre-AMP series has a very special features of able to power up by 12VDC input, which can even use in anywhere with 12V car battery.

We strongly believe no other manufacturers can offer such a low cost pre-amplifier with so good in sound quality. The sonic performance can easily surpass those selling 5x - 10x more expensive products in the industry. Audition is the best way to tell and highly welcome.

Dual pre-amp output for easy hookup of bi-amp or amp+ subwoofer system.



No. of inputs 2 sets of RCA input
No. of outputs 2 sets of RCA output
Freq response 2Hz - 100Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 90 db at full power
Gain 10-20db depend on type of tubes

inverted (optional: Non-inverted)

manufacturing hand-wired point to point for the tube section
Tubes used 2 x 6SN7 (alt: 6SL7, 6SN7, 6SU7, ECC32, ECC33, ECC35, 5961, 5962, CV181..etc)
Power input DC 12V 5A or higher


1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : black plexiglass front and back, alumium top with solid-oak sides

(optional chassis :  all solid-oak, super-gloss MDF, metallic MDF, black piano....etc) with additional cost


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