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Model no:  TMC-200
C$980 Untitled Document [US$ 784] Direct Order Price

TMC-200-1   TMC-200-2


Universal out-board turntable motor controller

Variable 33.3 rpm and 45rpm speed (can even set to 78 rpm) , motor driven with advance microprocessor controlled PWM MOSFET driver, ultra stable and precise speed control, can adapt to almost any turntable with smooth rim platter . PWM driving using the most power efficient way of design, both driver and motor will last much longer than conventional AC or DC driving method , this is a digital driving technology, which will perform the most stable operation even with power line variation.

This model have both coarse and fine adjustment for 33 /45 speed, super wide range of speed can be calibrated to adapt any type of platter. There is a compartment on the bottom part of the chassis, which is use to enhance the weight of the unit by filling up lead shots or metal sand/ bar.

The motor and driver are fully mechanical de-coupled from the turntable , in order to ensure rumble free playback. It can upgrade your existing turntable to another level of performance without the need to spend thousands of dollars on buying another one .

The motor come with this unit is replaceable by almost any DC motors more or less the same rpm which operate from 12V to 24V , just two wire connection to the controller. Future upgrade is possible.

Two super elastic and super thin driving belts included for immediate setup, the ultra thin design of the driving belt ensure the most noise free driving , because mehancial vibration can hardly transmit thru a very thin elastic belt. Of course if higher driving torque required then one can use any flat driving belt as well.

Super low resonance material cover included for further reduction of residue motor noise.

You wil probably need to pay several thousands for other name brands with lower technical level or even out-dated designs.

Feedback from genuine customer for TMC-100 (musician : professional violinist):

 The improvement is substantial-the choral parts such as in Misa Criolla with Jose Carreras sound for the first time in tune. The same for sustained piano chords. When I aligned the speed with the 1khz sound on the computer I got just the slightest fluctuation in unison. It would be impossible to get perfect unison as I can hear fluctuation in the test generator sound itself just on the computer alone. The rumble is virtually nonexistent (I have to increase the volume to about 11:30 for the onset of the rumble and I listen to just past 9:00 o’clock volume the loudest). Also the clarity micro dynamism (musical inflections) and imaging has improved.

Selectable speed control 2
speed range 20-100 rpm presettable ( include 33.3 /45 / 78 rpm)
material of construction Dark and crystal clear plexiglass
Drive mode PWM pulse width modulation with 1000 samplings per second
variable speed YES (fine and coarse)
detachable power cable YES
changable driving belt YES
changable motor YES
1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition


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