Ultimate Schumann Resonator

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quartz locked pure sine wave with remote control





The Schumann resonance wave is inaudible and able to penetrate through various materials. It has been observed that this wave can stimulate the micro current network present within every individual, resulting in resonance inside our cells, which play a vital role in maintaining the overall balance of the meridians and mitigating the harmful effects of ionizing radiation from EMF exposure. This phenomenon can induce frequency resonance within the human body, complement the natural geomagnetism, and counteract the interference caused by artificial attenuating electromagnetic fields. As a result, the membrane potential is balanced and the overall health of the individual is improved.

The application of this technology in audiovisual spaces has been found to enhance sound fields and elevate the overall audiovisual experience.

Furthermore, its use in bedrooms has been associated with a reduction in insomnia.

In office environments, this technology has demonstrated the ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve working efficiency.

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